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Low Tox Life – Go Low Tox

Go Low Tox is an online course designed to help you switch and ditch environmental toxins across all aspects of daily life – including on your body and throughout your home. It’s a course designed for every budget because the priority for us is education for many, not for the few. Learn how to navigate making the best choices for you and for your planet with live support from Alexx Stuart, founder of Low Tox Life, and the thousands of course alumni as you work through over 20 topics with all their resources + interviews. Topics include ditching synthetic fragrance, ridding your kitchen of harmful cookware, switching to ethically made clothing and making personal hygiene safe and toxin free, fashion and textiles, bedroom / EMFs, mould, dust and believe it or not much more! To learn more or sign up today go here

Low Tox Life – Low Tox Kids

Low Tox Kids is your roadmap to raising your kids in a low-tox way! This course is a deep-dive into lowering the toxic load of kids, looking at current impact potentials in our modern environment and developing a rock solid understanding of how to raise healthy, low tox kids without deprivation or making them feel like they’re in an alternate hippy universe from their friends. Over the seven modules we drill down, do a stack of research and provide a bucket of resources for you – parents of under 10s – to help raise your kid low tox from the get go. In this course you’ll learn about all of the hidden nasties that our kids come up against daily and how best to replace them, in order to give them the absolute best start in life. We focus on the home, kids when they’re out and about, at school, in the park at the local simming pool. Plus some juicy topics all about mindfulness, EMF exposure, home remedies and so much more! To learn more or sign up today go here

Low Tox Life – Preconception Ninja

Preconception Ninja is an on-demand eCourse, which means you can take it any time! It’s here to help you prepare to be conception-ready. The main aim of the course is to 1) prepare those that are thinking about having a baby in the next couple of years to optimise their chances of being in peak health and achieving healthy conception. 2) to support those who’ve had troubles or taken a while and nothing’s happening, to see where perhaps they might be going wrong / what they haven’t yet discovered or optimised and increase their chances of healthy conception. 3) Be of support to those who are going to go the IVF route, to ensure they’re in peak health and increase their chances of treatment success. It’s a powerful journey of awareness that will empower you with the know-how and tools to improve your preconception health, with the benefits lasting well beyond this stage in life. To learn more or sign up today go here

Low Tox Life – Inflammation Ninja 

There’s a saying that many of us are living life, not understanding just how good it is we’re supposed to feel. Inflammation Ninja was something we created to help move the needle on this, and take you to a better state thanks to our amazing practitioner guests, in house naturopath researched topics and clinical research that’s been emerging over the past few years. It’s an on-demand eCourse, which means you can take it any time! This course has been in the works for a long time after many people in the Low Tox Life community requested support and guided information to help with their chronic inflammatory conditions ranging from arthritis to MS to mold Illness and more. People with a passion for natural, toxin-free living are often aware of the huge impact toxins, food and environmental factors can have on their health. By addressing some of these factors in a holistic way through this eCourse, you’ll be on the path to reducing and relieving symptoms of chronic inflammation, pain, illness and low immunity. To learn more or sign up today go here

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Low Tox Life – Real Food Rockstars

Being a Real Food Rockstar means ditching the stress, the guilt, the lie of ‘nouveau convenience’ – and instead, truly loving beautiful, natural nourishing food. It also means experiencing a deep inner peace that comes from making friends with your food choices. This course is for you if you are you’re overwhelmed (read: confused) by all the different diets out there. You’ll be relieved to know there’s no fancy of faddish protocol to be found here. You want to know which foods can potentially heal you or play a powerful preventative role in your life. Perhaps you’re unsure as to what food is really healthy and what is just pseudo-healthy! You’ll also love this course if you often find yourself getting stressed by the thought of choosing a balanced diet for you and your family, cooking has become a chore or you just really want to learn the best ethical and sustainable choices to make when it comes to food. To learn more or sign up today go here


What if we told you that in 21 teeny-tiny days you could change the way your family eats, supercharge everyone’s immune system, and even change some of the food-related behavioural issues in your children (did someone say fussy eating, brain fog or hyperactivity?). We don’t want to be a downer, but the reality of our kid’s health is bleak. Chronic disease amongst children has never been higher. Diabetes, auto-immune disease, and chronic infections are on the rise. Intellectual and behavioural development are also being impaired. It seems every second child has eczema, asthma, an allergy or intolerance and we all know this was NOT us when we were kids. Food plays a huge role in our body’s resilience building blocks, so not only are we doing this to make the dinner table experience more pleasurable, but we’re doing this for the potential of our children and theirs down the track, to THRIVE. To learn more or sign up today go here

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The Australian College of Environmental Studies is a registered training organisation (21740) established in 1999 as a result of a need to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment. We offer ground breaking, innovative courses incorporating the latest scientific evidence and technologies that enable our graduates to establish financially rewarding careers that improve the health of the community. To learn more go here


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