The Low Tox Project


Project: Toxins

Low Tox Life: A Handbook for a Healthy You and a Happy Planet : By Alexx Stuart
Sharing the latest science and advice from experts in each area, Alexx tackles everything from endocrine-disruptors in beauty products to the challenge of going low plastic in a high-plastic world, and how to clean without a hit of harmful toxins

Slow Death by Rubber Duck : The Secret Danger of Everyday Things : By Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie
The most dangerous pollution, it turns out, comes from commonplace items in our homes and workplaces. To prove this point, for one week Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie ingested and inhaled a host of things that surround all of us. Using their own bodies as the reference point to tell the story of pollution in our modern world

Project: Heart & Mind

Daring Greatly: By Brene Brown In a powerful new vision Dr Brene Brown challenges everything we think we know about vulnerability, and dispels the widely accepted myth that it’s a weakness

Project: Health

Toxic Patients: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness  
Dr. Neil Nathan has come to understand some of the most common causes for these debilitating illnesses, which allows for the utilization of more precise and effective forms of treatment. The goal of this book is to shed light on these complex illnesses so that suffering patients and their families can get the help they so desperately ne

Break the Mold : 5 Tools to Conquer Mold and Take Back Your Health.
Is Mold Making You Sick? Do you have mysterious health problems with no explanations? Mold can lurk without a trace or a scent. If this is happening where you spend time, you could be sick from mold and not even know

Earthing : The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! : By Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra & Martin Zucker
Earthing introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth’s natural surface charge – being grounded – naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body.

Project: Home

Healthy Home, Healthy Family: Is Where You Live Affecting Your Health? : By Nicole Bijlsma
In the past 30 years, new cancer diagnoses almost tripled, hospital admissions for life-threatening allergic reactions have increased fourfold, breast cancer has doubled, male sperm count has halved, the age of puberty is declining, and learning and behavioural disorders in children have skyrocketed. Could these conditions be linked to our homes? YES!

Project: Food

Hungry for Change: Ditch the Diets and Eat Your Way to Lifelong Health: James Colquhoun  Based on the premise that “Food Matters,” it exposes the truth about food addictions

Low Tox Life Food: Alexx Stuart  Alexx clears a path through the rules so stridently laid down by proponents of particular diets. She turns the tables on a supermarket system that is geared strongly against our health and the environment, and points to the how rather than the what.

Project: Planet

Waste Not: Make a Big Difference by Throwing Away Less  Erin shares what she’s learnt from her journey to living with less waste in a humorous way

Project: Parenting

Mothering Our Boys: Maggie Dent  Maggie shares her insights, her reflections, and (as always) her humour around mothering boys in this book that will help you be the mum your son needs you to be.