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Spotlight on Woolbabe – a goodnight sleep in natural fabrics

by in Baby and Kids, Baby and Kids Sleep Time November 28, 2020

Beautiful natural fabric sleeping bags for every season, pjs and more for your little ones

My first introduction to Woolbabe was during the 2019 Australian Non Toxic Awards as a panel member. One of their sleeping bags was a finalist and was presented to me to review. It went on to win Silver in its category. And as a testament to the brand’s quality, in the 2020 Australian Non Toxic Awards they won Gold and Editors Choice for Sleeping Bag category and Bronze for Sleeping Bag with Feet. Woolbabe have won a swag of other awards as well.

About the Woolbabe brand

Woolbabe was launched in the 2007 in Melbourne, by a clever mum who had been seeking natural sleep solutions for her baby. The combination of a classic style, temperature regulating fabric and beautiful quality made Woolbabe popular from day one. The brand is now owned by The Sleep Store who sell a wide variety of wonderful sleep and children’s products. 

 The different weights, depending on the season’s need, have layers of merino wool and cotton with the duvet weight for colder days, having a wool quilted layer as well.

The key to the success of the fabric is that it is all natural and breathable. Perfect for any season as it can naturally regulate temperature.

Why I love the Woolbabe products

For so many reasons. I am very lucky to own several pieces for my two little boys. We have a 3 season bag, a duvet bag and pjs. 

I made the mistake of waiting for it to “get cold” to use the 3 season one as my head said “merino wool – for the colder months” and I neglected to realise that it was perfect for all year round. By layering underneath to suit the season, the natural fabrics did the rest and let the body regulate its temperature. 

When you hold one of these products in your hand you can see the quality and you know its a multi child investment that you can hand down or on to another family. And if you take care of them properly they will last for years. The bags have a good length in them so they last for more than just one season. Every seam is quality sewn, with the zips and poppers also being of excellent quality. And wait till you see all the gorgeous colours and styles. The current season’s look book is full of so many desirable pieces.

We also have some of the gorgeous PJs. My kids love them with my eldest searching the washing pile to know when his favourite stripped PJs are ready to be back on his bed. I wish I had discovered Woolbabe when I was first investing in sleeping bags years ago.  I look forward to passing them on to another baby to love, just as we have.

Woolbabe sleeping bags
Woolbabe sleeping bag


Pictures by Woolbabe. To find out more about the Woolbabe brand please head to their website or The Sleep Store